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Free smileys. Linux is less dependent on extensions compared to Windows and therefore decides executability based on permissions rather than extension. In general, in linux, almost every file format including. Editing help is available.

Executable file

Good to know about mdfind on OSX. There is no standard File-Extention like an ". I'm reprinting your other comment here, because I'm at least for now deleting my answer perhaps to be resurrected, IF there's something salvageable: Most comprehensive SO answer ever? Executable and object file formats.

Executable File Formats

Which topic are you interested in? This fulfills the same effect as batch files in Windows or DOS, except that again, it is not the extension that identifies its type or how to execute it.

Executable files Below is a guide on how to install executable files under Ubuntu. In Java , the class file format contains metadata used by the Java compiler and the Java virtual machine to dynamically link classes and to support reflection. Use , to join partial modes; AND logic is implied; e. This is a comparison of binary executable file formats which, once loaded by a suitable executable loader , can be directly executed by the CPU rather than become interpreted by software.

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What is a Binary File? Webopedia Definition

This takes into account access control lists and other permissions artefacts which the -perm test ignores. MS 3ds Max Script File Executable Files Executable Files Executable files contain code that is run when the file is opened. This is a GNU extension, but might be supported by other flavors of find.