How do you find goldie on back lot island?

How do you find goldie on back lot island? Poptropica Answers FANDOM powered by Wikia

You will use the electric cart to get there. Inside Sizzle, click on the lefthand tanning bed. He accepts, as it gives him a chance to show his "dark side. Follow him to his trailer in the cart it is one block down and one block right. But you can show it to a man outside the Wax Museum far left who will give you some film for it.

Poptropica Steamworks Part2

Enter the Post Production building. The second is on top of the movie theater. Head right, drop down, and torch the next barrier. How do you get film on back lot island? Sofia boy, she gets around tells you that the set-builder is a no-show. Click on it to load the camera, and climb to the highest spot on the building next to the studio. When we get to the theater, business is booming, and everyone wants to see Carson's film, "The Many Splendored Zephyr.

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Then exit the soundstage and head to Main Street. Leave Sizzle. Go all the way to the left, across the road, until you find the old man with the camera around his neck hanging out in front of the Celebrity Wax Museum. In it, you help a film director create and direct his new film to finally get out of hiding.


Enter the studio and go to Soundstage 1. Plus, get a bonus prize pack of costumes and items. Answer the incoming call. Who has the script on back lot island? Exit the store and go back to the Atrium.

Go into your backpack and examine the page. Hi guys! Coming Soon!

How do you find goldie's script in backlot island? Poptropica Answers FANDOM powered by Wikia

The script writer, Goldie, is sitting on the roof of Sound Stage 1, literally with his head in the clouds. However, you can MIX small cups from the two shops to make the special blend, which is reduced caffeine, half latte, half espresso.

Aim the camera so that it is level with the wall and wait for a man to pass.