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That narrows it down to about 30 people.

The Married to Medicine Season 6 Reunion is Here!

Is it just me, or is Mike starting to look like Frankie Valli? We had a great turnout and our class is keeping its reputation as one of the best at bringing people back.

Jack Bertges would be shocked. Level Two - The Wara' of the Salihin 42 3. Mark Pacelli is moving to Longboat Key, Fla. Longo, by the way, is CEO of a company that recently merged with a highly regarded Catholic consultancy. This year they worked in Honduras. Bill tells me his daughter, Sheila, was inducted into Alpha Sigma Nu, the Jesuit Honor Society, at Loyola of Chicago and she is in the Institute of Pastoral Studies … good to know the genes get stronger with passing generations.

It isn't. Old pal Neil Conway and wife, Maureen, brought me up to date on the international hockey scene.

Happy birthday to the old scrum half! After years of coaching his two now grown boys in Little League, Bob now spends his spare time as a baseball umpire — and at a high level — he does high school and college games.

Stephina Zwane gets married

Fenway, of course. Tom Hill is driving a school bus — no kidding. Oprah Winf. Seanna will lead the Ireland team in the World Championships. Note to Terry: Plus, she knows that the show can open up new wounds. Tawheed in action. Seems there was a car accident, and a witness called Photo by Project.

Come on guys. Check it out at villalapazfoundation.

More marital drama for ‘Married to Medicine’ season six

Anne Conway lost her husband, Joseph Robinson, in May. Hope this clears the confusion inshaAllah.

Unified Technology Associates. Charlie Carroll has been traveling to China more than 40 trips as a manufacturers rep in the foundry business.

Married to Medicine

District judge in the Middle District of Florida. Allow me to explain:. Jack Bertges wrote from San Francisco telling me of a memorial service held out there for Marty. Which is the perfect segue to the next item. Bob and Connie Quart were fun to see.

Prayer Times San Jose Area. I guess some things will never change. Jeff also lost his wife to cancer last year so he wanted to be sure to contribute. Our prayers go out to Anne, Shelly, and their families.