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It has a lot to do with empathy and prejudice—the potential to avoid an escalating conflict through the ability to be empathetic. The Created. Gendo, to even higher levels than shown in the series proper. This isn't also helped in that she is also the bully. White Knight also counts. Vilgax was originally this, then he became a sort of Noble Demon in Alien Force , which was quickly revealed to be an act. As far as he's concerned, all other living things are either food to get stronger , entertainment to fight and kill , or both.

Open Dictionary like minding mice at a crossroads said of trying to organize something that is tricky add a word. The Dragon himself is a sociopath whose sole ability to relate to others is based upon figuring out how best to a get what he wants, b ruin their lives or c do both at once usually c.

She's even called out for it on occasion, like when Kelso's van sinks into frozen water in the Arctic: But even to those characters, mainly his family, Rick has been known to treat them poorly, or with indifference. Frieza and the other villains, of course. Most of the villains in One Piece. Galbatorix in Inheritance Cycle definitely lacked empathy.

In Feet of Clay , the villain's response upon being told that his plan to poison the Patrician killed several innocents including a child is "Were they important?

More submissions undependable phunny cringey hipster disafforest reoffend houseless shamateurism can-kicking view entries. Death makes a point of becoming mortal for a day every now and then to avoid losing touch with her charges. British informal unwilling to show or talk about feelings and emotions.

Gilda is actually the nicest griffin shown in that episode. Master of Illusions would probably sicken even Paul. In Worm , Regent fits this trope due to his upbringing-he notes that as a result of his father's powers , he barely feels anything any more, and even when he's taking vengeance on behalf of a teammate , he's incapable of empathizing with her situation, explaining to his victim that he's only doing it because "it's the sort of thing I'll do because it feels like I should.

Madara Uchiha is even worse considering the fact that even Obito himself considers him too much of an asshole to tolerate. They are artificial people and have no empathy. He's downright angry when the pilots opt to try and successfully save their friend from Bardiel, purely because it wasn't what they were ordered to do.

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There are numerous times where he finds himself unable to understand why someone feels fear or sadness even when someone died. In Gensokyo 20XX , apparently this is the case with Yume Ni "Yu" Yakumo, a child, be noted, who apparently has this, seeing as she tried to throw another kid over a railing, the which of could have either killed or injured her, along with a nonchalant to eager tone about the other kids being her bitch.

Ihjel had helped him train his empathetic sense and he reached out with it. Apart from a couple of Pet the Dog moments, she's not keen on showing that she cares.

He seems to be aware of his differing mentality from others and therefore goes to great lengths to disguise it , but at the end of the day he's still an amoral guy who honestly doesn't believe that there's any moral difference between slaughtering people as a soldier and saving them as a doctor; to him both are just doing their job which, if they do well, he applauds equally.

She does seem to care for her subjects, so perhaps she just lacks empathy for non-Changelings. All Brood are screened for compassion at birth, and those who "fail" are killed. And this was just in her debut episode alone! Other than that, he has no friends to speak of. Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi is a heroic example, so much so, that he found Qui-Gon's sidequests to help others than those they were assigned to help, annoying.

Notable in that he is capable of love, but not empathy. He just also has the ability to efficiently ignore it.

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However, since he was already evil before and is now devoted to vengeance, he doesn't mind being able to do absolutely horrible things without flinching. When I don't feel a thing It's sick! The First Avenger and Avengers: Caine from Gone , almost to a humorous extent, especially when contrasted with his love interest , who, although a bit of a Manipulative Bitch , has her limits.