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Johnson, Stephane Bauguitte, Jim M. Bernath, T. Lee, and J.

This paper discusses the development of new synthesized emissions inventories and the generation of air quality model-ready emissions files for the Athabasca Oil Sands Region of Alberta, Canada, using multiple emissions inventories, continuous emissions monitoring data, and inferred emission rates based on aircraft measurements. Allan, and Hugh Coe.

However, the lack of widely accepted standards and calibration methods for stable carbon and hydrogen isotopic ratios of methane in air has caused significant measurement offsets among laboratories. Aruffo, C. Her passion for her products is evident in the pure and natural ingredients that are used in imaginative ways to produce traditional recipes with contemporary twists.

Dan, G.

ACP - Relations - Origin, variability and age of biomass burning plumes intercepted during BORTAS-B

Lee, K. Highwood, Sobhan K. Parrington, J. Lidster, S. El Haddad, M. Palmer, and M. Yin, P. Gallagher, and Ute Skiba.

Model Dev. Earth Surface Dynamics. Muller, C.

Retail and Consumer Treble jobs boost for East Kilbride as Aldi, hotel chain and baker set up shop Chamber of Commerce spokesman and local businessman Sean Walls welcomes positive news after difficult few years for town's retail sector. Coheur, K. Our findings imply a role for carefully coordinated multi-model ensembles in helping identify observations for discriminating among widely varying and poorly constrained model responses of atmospheric constituents to changes in emissions.

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This method has been used to extract vapour pressures of compounds, whilst giving quantitative concentrations in the particle phase. Wood is a renewable fuel but its combustion for residential heating releases a number of locally acting air pollutants, most notably particulate matter known to have adverse effects on human health. Lee, J. Lewis, M. Ryder, Jennifer K. High positive model biases during summer are associated with regional ozone production. Earth Obs.

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Young, M. The influence of biomass burning on the global distribution of selected non-methane organic compounds, Atmos. Bower, Michael J. However, it is important to transform the measurements from these instruments into counts of these biological particles. We evaluate the simulation of biomass burning aerosol processes and properties in the HadGEM3 climate model using observations, including those from the South American Biomass Burning Analysis.

This study highlights the significant impact of hemispheric transport on deposition in coastal regions, open ocean and low-emission regions.