Prepare a job interview in English: Introducing yourself

I look forward to help, support, and learn during this course!

I love art in Japanese geek culture. We have to innovate to stay relevant, especially with youth. I live in Arizona and write and teach and make stuff. Get a friend to tag along and keep each other motivated. I am looking forward to learn more about AR and coding This leads me to awesome adventures such as LCL.

This is my first year joining this Media Lab project. Once I get the health issues figured out, I'm looking at transitioning more into my photography and natural science education business Whimbrel Nature and also other non-traditional formats for promoting science education, creativity, and making. One such coming next week is: I'm an advertising executive in Colorado looking to bring my passion for creativity and learning to the developing world. From California, Living in Bologna. I am Antonio Manzano, from El Salvador.

Introduce Yourself

I guarantee, I promise. Fablabs, makerspaces, facilitating to mention a few. Like all great learning it changed and transformed me and I feel it will do the same for all of you. To be innovative, playful, inspiring and entrepreneurial is all that I ask of my students, my teachers and myself. The food is amazing and so are the Meta beer, and the coffee. My hobbies include running, space exploration news, and straw bale construction methods.

Currently, I am developing tools for children with visual impairments to learn how to code. Maintain good personal hygiene. However, don't overdo it and don't spend too much time talking about yourself. Still stumped? Outside of school I run workshops for elementary aged students that mix creativity and movement. I am a computer scientist and programmer working in Information Retrieval IR.

Thank you Heloisa!!!!

How to introduce yourself so you’ll be unforgettable (in a good way!)

Oh, and I forgot to actually introduce myself! Please look at the right up corner of this session: Good evening or whatever time it might be for you!

My name is Keisuke Kirita, or Kei for short. Looking forward to meeting you all! I'm very much interested in learning more about how the process of design, coupled with technology, can impact learning - particularly online. My passion is creativty, I write as play and my projects include teaching various groups and topics. However, properly introducing yourself is a very important step in building both professional and personal relationships with your coworkers.