Windows 10 Start Menu Search Not Working? Here are Some Fixes

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Aug 31, at Excellent Help. This worked for me: Fan of Maketecheasier. Is the Start Menu giving you trouble beyond the Search button? None of these suggestions worked for me, but restarting the Windows Explorer process worked perfectly! I follow the Re-register cortona paragraphs and I have solved my problem.

Jun 3, at They have offered me to replace the motherboard along with a new disk and image. Dec 22, at 1: They did recommend to not do Fix 3 re-register Cortana, because if KB patches have been applied, things may get messed up. Ros M. If your Windows 10 logon is associated with your email address, then it must have a password. Re-register Cortana is work for me. Brian I had a similar issue. Leave a Comment Cancel reply Yeah! You can download it from here: HCWindo Created on December 8, Option 4 worked — Thanks!

In the case of Avast at least, once you switch the shields back on, the Start menu search may continue working as it should.

Step 4. The process will take a few minutes and will create a snapshot we can use in the unlikely event something goes wrong when disabling Cortana.

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November 27, at 9: Nov 21, at 2: Had been using windows 10 since the free upgrade release, activated and all. Any suggestions, please? Thanks a lot mate.. Hope you like all amazing tools for Windows 10 permanent activator. If you had copied your old drive to your new one, like if you were upgrading to a larger drive, then Windows would already be installed.

Great article solved my Win 10 search problem completely. I have yet another quirk — after upgrading, Windows 10 menu, search and action center stopped working. People will accept this as shown by the fact that they keep coming back for more.

Step 4. This operating system was 8. Ethan Sparrow. May 6, at 1: