How to Start a Christian Prayer Journal

Of course! Rated this article: Don't keep repeating the same words, to be praying for an extremely long time, pointlessly -- "God's ear is not deaf nor is His arm too short to help us? Just those four words alone give a boost to someone in need!

How to Start a Prayer Journal

Used by permission from NavPress. How to Meditate: Related Posts A Church of Disciplemakers Pastor Cliff is training and equipping generations of new disciplemakers in the community where he was born and raised—Brooklyn, New York. Write about prayers answered not only for you and your family, but about times when your prayers for others were answered too.

I have a journal I bought at Walmart that I have been using for a prayer journal so that I can take it with me. I pray for while I'm writing down.

Why Start A Prayer Journal & How To Begin

Periodically maybe monthly or quarterly go back and read your journal and make sure to write down any answers you've received. You could start with a blank journal that you can find anywhere. How to Make a Simple Prayer Journal: And yeah — I forgot about the Dollar Tree!

During this time, you should clear your mind and relax.

Keeping a Prayer Journal: 7 Tips To Help Get Started

Go back and read. RP Roberta Pearson Nov 14, Did you try these steps? Perhaps a tree with roots going down deep and strong branches reaching skyward. The sweet spot of godly counsel is when the spiritual becomes practical, and Ruthie has done just that here. So kind of you to say, Jennifer!

How to Start a Christian Prayer Journal Synonym

You can also write down your prayers. There are many different ways to talk to God through your prayer , and there even some things to avoid.

If you are comfortable with other people reading it, hide it anyway. Write each day of the week at the top of seven adjacent pages in your prayer journal, beginning with Sunday.