Cat Eyes and Color: Secrets of the '60s Makeup Look

1960s Makeup Tutorial

You've definitely seen it on the likes of Twiggy or Peggy Moffitt, for example. A little less dusty, a little more dapper: Search this website. If your line isn't perfect after that, just fill it in with an ever so lightly damp eyeshadow. Though right on trend with her winged-out liner, here, Franklin veers from traditional '60s makeup with a bright orange shade of lipstick that almost has a chrome-like quality to it.

Cut Crease Eyeshadow. The new cowboy hat can be perfectly paired with a dress or a T-shirt and jeans. Use an eyebrow gel to really brush out and shape the eyebrows.

Hair Tips. It takes patience to get it right, but once you do, you'll be rocking this quintessential '60s trend!

Long before millennial music festivals such as Coachella had girls Instagramming their flower crowns, Woodstock was the place to be at the end of the '60s, with these dainty daisies seen more as hair pieces than on the ground. Some products were waterproof, others were not.

The 1960's Makeup Look Twiggy Makeup Tutorial

Very little has changed with this cut — because it doesn't have to! Interview with Kelsey Lav. Home Health Beauty St. After over-plucked brows came and went in the '90s and '00s , full brows finally made their beautiful comeback.

Cat Eyes and Color: Secrets of the '60s Makeup Look HowStuffWorks

You can keep this trend fresh and modern for going for a duel toned look, or extenuate the winged tips even more, either choosing an oversized style or a short and narrow version.

For this tutorial, I used the Fair to Medium shade. Want to hop on board the '60s trend of accentuating your bottom lashes, but don't necessarily feel like putting falsies on? Block mascaras were activated with water or, more realistically, spit, and mixed with the little brush that came with it. For this, I used the Magic Powder 2. It was in this way that Edie caught the attention of mainstream media around the globe for her offbeat sense of fashion, and in particular, her large chandelier earrings.

25 Beautiful Beauty Looks From The '60s That Need To Make A Comeback

Left, a more dramatic look. These aren't your mother's cat eye glasses! Leave a Comment. Apply the Smoke color in the same The Sophisticate palette into the crease of the eyes to give the lid dimension.

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Dominating Pinterest boards of beauty mavens, a millennial twist on this look is a subtle version of the trend, using two similar hues, such as red on your upper lip, and a coral on the bottom. So makeup and hair are very important to get right. Keep scrolling!