How to Read Mirage to Estimate Wind Speed

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Reading Mirage With a Spotting Scope [Estimating Wind Speed]

A period of gustiness often builds as wind speed increases in a fluctuating manner. Originally Posted by weekender Here are a few steps you can take to conquer the wind and hit the bullseye, the buck, or the tin can.

Forum Rules. User Name. Tools like weather meters, ballistic computers, and laser range finders are now commonplace and surprisingly affordable for what they do. Critics often point out that the wind speed at your target might be completely different than the wind speed you measure at your shooting position. Tom McHale About Tom McHale is the author of the Practical Guides book series that guides new and experienced shooters alike in a fun, approachable, and practical way.

One method of estimating wind speed is with a flag. Trees can help you here.

How to Calculate a Bullet’s Wind Drift

Mirage is another vital wind-estimation tool. A wind blowing left to right will cause mirage to bend to the right. Thank you for posting this. Fast walk. Read on. To do so, we will need your current IP address. Mirage can often be seen through your rifle or spotting scope, but the dryer the air, the more difficult it is to see. And in winds above 12 miles an hour, the mirage will drift parallel to the target or disappear altogether.

What I found is that about every six or so, you get a drastically deferent amount of powder. If you are having trouble with your trigger control I have an easy trick to help you. Will I redeem my soul? Your Holdover. I was ok to about yds but from there on I kept on getting further and further away. After estimating the wind speed most prevalent, I note the angle on a small wind flag.