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In all video games, for gameplay reasons, he doesn't need to be that level of dead to die. Not-So-Harmless Villain: Instant Expert: Goku outright says that Buu can destroy a galaxy in less than an hour.

This makes his rampages as Fat Buu all the more disturbing, and as Super Buu it makes him nothing less than an unchecked time bomb. This is notably the second time in the arc where this form fails because of stamina loss. Once inside Buu, however, Vegito unfortunately unfuses.

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However, after Gotenks managed to hit him, his eyes turned red, possibly his version of Turns Red as finally being aware of a powerful fighter.

He's as old as the universe itself and no one knows where he came from or why he is so strong. He is like a five year old with the power of a god. Every incarnation of Buu lacks common sense and knowledge.

In the show itself it's more a mixed bag: Does it hurt!? Uh, who's there? Even worse, he has a pretty much Unblockable Attack that transforms anything into anything else he chooses , which can't be stopped even if you're stronger than him although, Vegito does manage to still put up a fight after being transformed.

YouTube Profile. I've been looking for a chance to use this. Dragon Ball series. Click here to see Majuub. Brian Dobson Ocean dub. After all of these are removed, Super Buu becomes Kid Buu again, who is then destroyed and reincarnated into Uub. Before killing him, Goku wished for Kid Buu to be reborn as a good guy so they can have a good, clean fight; and 10 years later, Kid Buu was reincarnated to Uub and eventually became Goku's apprentice.

Bandai and the subtitled version of the anime uses "Majin Boo", while Funimation uses "Buu" for their dub. Super Buu demands the challenger sooner, and keeps Gohan around after absorbing Gotenks and Piccolo so he can test his new power.

Majin Buu and Beerus. Frieza and Cell were both Faux Affably Evil , while Buu is a Psychopathic Man Child who doesn't know better, or a chaotic beast that just wants destruction for the sake of destruction. It was at that point when Uub truly became "complete" and became a super warrior. Adaptational Wimp: Took a Level in Jerkass: Click here to see Buu after fusion breaks.

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He continues to let Basil pummel him afterwards Majin Buu has existed "since time immemorial", and nobody, nobody knows how or where he came from, and there is not the slightest thing even remotely like him anywhere in the known universe. Views Read View source View history.

Expanded universe material like Xenoverse and Online have Mr. The final villain of the Z saga, a pink blobby magical creature summoned by alien Evil Sorceror Bibidi to conquer the Kais and thus to take over the universe. Very different. Unstoppable Rage: When Satan and Bee, a stray dog Buu adopts is shot by a human criminal, Buu is overcome with rage and pain, and his evil side literally emerges from him, fights him, and absorbs him, turning into Super Buu.

Being magically empowered instead of biological justifies this. Unlike Frieza, an alien prodigy from birth, and Cell, who was created using the DNA of everyone and explicitly engineered to be a perfect being, Majin Buu is magical in origin as opposed to the sci-fi roots of previous Z villains technically Buu is still an alien as he comes from space, but this is hardly relevant.