My penis dipped on a toilet water in public

Even if you have a urinary tract infection with bacteria in your urine it would be inactivated with the chlorine levels in the public water supply," he said.

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This is especially a concern for kittens and puppies whose curiosity, and thirst, can get the better of them, leading to tragic consequences. The case for recycled wastewater is strong. Researchers at the J. View image of Credit: Drought Filed to: By Shae Crisson. Frascino Hi, Welcome back to the forum.

While the quality of the water inside the bowl can be the same as from the tap if the toilet is very clean, this is typically not the case. We are working to restore service.

What Is Wrong With Your Toilet If You Hear Water Running in Your Tank?

Share on LinkedIn. About one one-hundredth of that 1 percent resides in lakes, rivers and other waterways; the rest is in aquifers beneath the surface or trapped in soil. Ultraviolet light activates titanium oxide on one side of an electrode. According to the Institute of Environmental Science and Engineering , based in Singapore, something known as an anaerobic membrane bioreactor could lower the cost of wastewater treatment and its environmental impact.

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Machine Minds. Alternatives To keep your furry buddy from sipping his water from the toilet bowl, give him a pet water fountain instead. EARTH only uses professional science journalists and scientists to author our content? Scientists say the aversion to human waste is universal across all cultures. On the other side, electricity activates a similar reaction. Video of the Day. Ryan Response from Dr. If the video doesn't start playing momentarily, please install the latest version of Flash.

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Most of us would never dream of drinking the water from our toilet bowls, simply because their main use is to get rid of bodily waste. Accessed 25 February The electrons flow to the electrode and across the wire, generating an electrical current. In a similar study, researchers poured apple juice into a brand-new, never-been-used bedpan. In fact, it is indeed "impossible" to get HIV from toilets unless, of course, you are having unprotected sex in the cubicle!

We don't yet know how Californians are going to cope with the consequences. Why do I ask this seemingly stupid question!!!????