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There is some evidence that nanoparticles can move into the brain along the olfactory nerve, so this is completely circumventing the blood-brain barrier. One of the ways in which the sludge is disposed of is through land application, because it is valuable as a fertilizer.

The levels of sterility were higher for the glass-coated surfaces, and the surfaces remained sterile for months. Scientists and governments agree that the application of nanotechnology to commerce poses important potential risks to human health and the environment, and those risks are unknown. And it's from wayback in , too I'd have no problem with tables at restaurants or toilets being coated with this stuff.

No worries. Sounds if anything less dangerous than a great deal of the other stuff we use for those applications. Why should you care? Maybe you guys are the kind of people who drank bleach as kids. I would imagine it could be quite abrasive if the particles become mixed into the food supply from shedding off surfaces - would do wonders for your tooth enamel.

I'd definitely give it a few years--like maybe to see what side effects may "pop up", before using it myself on anything I would have regular contact with, namely everything inside my house! This is a good practical idea and I hope we can find a way to mass produce it here in America.

If I coat my table with it, and my kid hits the table with a hammer again , does the coating shatter? Add this document to saved. Meet the future technology now, discover water-repellence and enjoy living with nanocoatings.

Wonder what would happen if you spray some in your eye? Describe how swimwear uses nanotechnology. I wonder if this will revolutionize wood preservation, like decks, funiture, and framing lumber.

Nanotechnology O ECOTEXTILES

Water repellent spray, nano glass coating reduces pollution, acid rains and icing on glass and ceramic surfaces. I wish they better explained the adhesion, because if the particles are water-soluble it seems like they would easily wash away although they indicate this is not true when referring to kitchen studies.

Discuss footwear and nanotechnology. Do you want to own a brand in auto-care? Asbestosis is caused by mechanical damage to the lungs. Without this agent, the dye would run and bleed on the fabric. Personal nano coatings provides water repellency to your accessories like helmets, googles, watches, shoes, bags, jackets and even your mobile phone. Agreed, talk is cheap, but it goes both ways! Hey illicit, this close enough?

All this negativity reminds me of a song from maybe the early '50s about warning some folks from Mexico who are going to visit the US, "Don't Drink the Water and Don't Breathe the Air.

The other main use of nanoparticles in textiles is that of using silver nanoparticles for antimicrobial, antibacterial effects, thereby eliminating odors in fabrics. Unique technology achieved this coat: DetailingTuesday Starts. One of the latest trends in the auto industry is auto-detailing and marking the height of this advancement is the innovative.

nanotechnology in home furnishings

Disperse dyes are used for synthetics like polyester and nylon. I wonder if this can be used to coat toxins and bacteria for enhanced dispersion bioweapons?

What is Nanotechnology and Fluorocarbon? Foggy windows and lenses are a nuisance, and in the case of automobile windows, can pose a driving hazard. Already nanotechnology is enabling manufacturers to offer functional finishes in post processing, such as stain and water repellants, fire retardants, and UV blocking.

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