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If someone else is better trained at dealing with this situation, leave it to them. If you are boxing, try blocking, which is done by absorbing impact with your gloves rather than your body.

Try out second punching "sprints" to build arm endurance. Focus on smooth, clean speed bag drills. Other types of gyms that you can join to get fighting practice include Muay Thai and American boxing gyms.

Find your first opportunity to leave and take it. Unanswered Questions. Leading with your wrist is an easy way to hurt yourself.

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Try performing exercises that involve many muscle groups such as chin-ups, crunches, squats, pull-ups, and thrusts. Thank you again. Its chief drawback is that it will leave you susceptible to a counterpunch. Thanks for letting us know. He trains 3 days a week, is this enough? Watching other fighters from ringside.

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Use your loss as a learning experience. Did this summary help you? You can say something like "Hey man back up! Do cardio. Related Articles. To simulate the physical demands of fighting, do interval training ; this has been shown to be an especially fast and effective way to condition your heart.

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I thank you guys for the advice and I learned a lot. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. If your bullies are hurting your physically, you can use some of these techniques to defend yourself.

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