Tx to Inachis for making this story more readable. The stories we've all heard? Currently, the series has three stories: Is there a sequel to it? Xander's new status as a mutant also causes several other students to come out as mutants as well including two who get confused as to whether they're coming out as mutants or as lesbians. Fireworks Crush Disclaimer: Far away in an alternate reality, outside OUR realm of responsibility, a group of greedy fools has found a powerful cross dimensional artifact, which they are using right now to plunder earth of its riches.

Wicked thought and it would be an awesome fusion story. DasSnipez DasSnipez 3 8 Best Harry Potter Crossover.

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What if they actually listened? Xander looked around. I put this story right up there with Chris O'farrell's 'Derelict' my all time favorite story on the net.

I keep having the strangest dream. Your user name may not be the same as your pen name. Add the names of each item in br.

If a chapter is not followed by an Interlude, don't worry, that's intended as part of the story. Suddenly the skies darkened in the middle of the day and a strange shadow was seen above the whole planet.

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This time, his old friend, Ripper, might be the only one to help him! His fanfiction can be found on Fanfiction. Oh no, not again.

Buffy actually uses her head and prevents the portal from opening at the end of The Gift and therefor not dying. Instinctively understanding of basics of the object, Xander thought it was a blaster.

Anyanka is in a rut so D'hoffryn sends her to another universe for a vacation. Hmmmmm It makes me wonder something A challenge response from Elysian Fields. I do not own anything. After the collapse of Sunnydale, Jack gets a call about a woman he knew over twenty years ago.

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Basically built on the premise of Kagome being called as a Slayer when Willow does her mojo with the scythe. He also took a backpack with food and two military combat knifes in the back. I actually think Spike wasn't that bad, even before he got his soul - For a vampire. Family Whatever had owned this ship before he stole it had great taste. For Halloween, Willow goes as the Mind of a Culture spaceship. And there in the dark they both discover something new, something important -- and in Marcie's case, something that could save her soul and her humanity.