Choosing A Tarp for a Hammock

Keep in mind that a tarp strung up by a few grommets puts a lot of stress on those few points. Looking it over it is a great item for packing at 1 pound 7 oz stated weight with the stuff sack It appears to be very well made.

She's a s'mores master, campsite connoisseur, writer, runner and lover of all things outdoors. I prefer rectangular tarps only because thay are easily available.

Choosing A Tarp for a Hammock – The Ultimate Hang

MtnManJoe , Jan 6, What material is the tarp made of? Jacks R Better. This is good news, really, because it means you can customize your shelter system to match conditions.

Some forgo using a ground cover but that is not recommended. I use a 12x12 tarp. Sat Feb 23, 7: June 16, at 9: Jay Klustner Member.

I often hang with tarps that small. The bridge hammocks are the best for pads because they conform well to the pad. For me it was trial and error over the course of a lot of years until I came across the way that works best for me and my setups.

What Size Tarp?

I slept under a tarp before and rather liked it simple to setup and pretty light only downside no floor but one good thing bought the taprs we used is they had netting on it I hate bugs buzzing round my head in the woods when I am sleeping annoys the crap out of me.

I think what attachment points a tarp has is at least as important as the size of the tarp. I have camped on the side of mountains in clearcuts, in the desert, next to lakes, etc, etc without ever hanging a tarp. Learn to tie a sheet bend and you can attach a rope to the corners of any sheeting. Subscribe Home New? I have not yet decided what material, whether it be silnylon, cuben, or tyvek, or a brand in that matter.

Many people overlook them, thinking they will be damaged or have other problems, but little do they know that the vast majority of the used camping tarpaulins listed on eBay are in very good condition.

Fronty Owner. You can retrofit guylines with elastic shock cord or purchase them ready-made from several manufacturers.