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Tine De Moor was commentator at one of the conference sessions. In the two lectures of September 25, , entitled translated 'Lessons from abroad and from the past', prof. The conference focused on many kinds of common pool resources including fisheries, forests, and water resources as well as on emergent problems of social and environmental change. Op de tweede trefdag van SWAN in Brussel staat de voortschrijdende vermarkting en commercialisering van het sociaal werk centraal.

Tine presented a paper she co-authored with Annemarie Bouman on 'The Commercial Household', whereas Miguel presented his paper on the economic impact of craft guilds system in Italian and Dutch cities. ING presentations are available at SlideShare. Intergenerational social mobility in colonial and post-colonial Uganda, ' at the Workshop 'Historical Social Mobility in a Global Perspective, jointly organized by the Departments of Sociology and of Economic and Social History of Utrecht University.

Tine De Moor presented a paper co-authored with Annelies Tukker on the relationship between institutional longevity and sanctioning in the early modern times and also chaired one of the two sessions on 'Ruling the Commons'. The central theme of this edition was 'Changing Citizenship'. February - June, Honours Class 'Community and Cooperation', Utrecht The Netherlands New communities and forms of cooperation have dramatically altered society over the last decade.

On March 23, , the Centre for the Humanities of Utrecht University hosted a debate on the current emergence and importance of citizen science. Democracies and open societies have recently suffered a number of setbacks. Posthumus Institute. The episodes of Tegenlicht are followed up by Meet-ups across the Netherlands and Belgium: Tine De Moor Utrecht University focused on the institutionalization of collective action, both in the past and today, whereas prof.

De resultaten van dit onderzoek vormden tijdens het New Commons Forum het vertrekpunt voor interactieve rondetafels waarbij commoners uitgenodigd waren om hun ervaringen en best-practices te delen.

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The episodes of Tegenlicht are followed up by Meet-ups across the Netherlands and Belgium:. For more information on vacancies please check. By creating and consolidating a network, this forum plays an important role in establishing new corridors for exchanging information between countries, both in the areas of origin and of destination and making investments more effective for food security, and inclusive and sustainable development.

Deze zelfsturende collectieven ontwikkelen of zorgen voor goederen of diensten volgens zelfbepaalde regels. The practical ambition was to bring together and organize a dialogue between innovative perspectives on the Landed Commons and publish them in internationally cited publications. This LUCSoR conference aims to investigate forms and elements of religion in public settings and technologies of belonging in Europe today by taking compassion as a locus.

Aim of the conference was to search for similaties rather than differences between approaches of communication about science within academic disciplines and institutions and to discern and define the main pillars required for adequate communication about science. More info in Dutch only.

June 10, 4th Think Tank Session 'Cooperation in care: To help deliver a global, consistent client approach across the Americas, Asia and Europe, ING Wholesale Banking will move from the current, largely product-based orientation to a stronger sector organisation while putting more emphasis on the regions.