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If all this excess proves too much try the Golden Lion-winning Somewhere He falls asleep in the middle of that pole-dance. December 23, As opposed to Marie Antoinette , which was much more a studio film?

Exclusive Interview: With Somewhere, Sofia Coppola Grows Up

They are both simply waiting for their floors. It has Sofia Coppola's signature atmospheric tone to it, and Stephen Dorff and Elle Fanning both give terrific performances.

More trailers. Release Dates. Marie Antoinette Drama Romance. The IndieWire Sundance Bible: Sofia Coppola's Somewhere is a slow moving, but nonetheless engaging film for the patient minded audience.

Karissa Shannon as Cindy. It's hardly home: BFI Reuben Library. But she says there are major differences between the disconnected father in her movie and her relationship with her own father. He always included us, and my parents are still married after many years, so the situation is different. Future learning and skills — giving everyone the opportunity to build a lifelong relationship with film. Coppola says the journalists in the scene were real members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association -- the group that hands out the Golden Globes -- and they came up with plenty of those offbeat queries themselves.

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Somewhere, Sofia Coppola, 97 mins (15) The Independent

Hollywood A-lister Johnny has this gorilla depression, everything he could possibly want comes at the end of a telephone call.

That life gets upended when Marco's year-old daughter, Cleo Elle Fanning , unexpectedly comes to live with him. He is demonstrating the truth that if you stare long enough at a wall, it will break the monotony if blond twins do pole dances in front of it.

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Where to begin with Sofia Coppola

Was that what you had in mind for their interaction? Normally that is a technical challenge -- in an average film, with multiple takes and camera angles, "you have to worry about how long the cigarette was at the moment [you cut]" to avoid continuity errors, Dorff points out.

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Michelle Monaghan as Rebecca. Archived from the original on September 12, Roger Ebert , writing in the Chicago Sun-Times , awarded the film four out of four stars and praised the detail in the portrait of Johnny Marco, saying "Coppola is a fascinating director.

Golden Lion-winning films. Another flaw is that Coppola's alter-ego Cleo has a decidedly airbrushed personality.