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David left his family to try and live a normal life as a human, but the murder of his brother Sal Lassiter pulls him back in. When Elaine shows David to the room, he finds Mark Brennan waiting for him. Jack Stratton-Smith [59]. David has shifted to look like a professor at North Chicago University to steal answers to a math final.

When Sheila Canning notices Andrew yawning, she convinces him to briefly leave his post and get a coffee. He persuades Chloe Brennan to let him and his friends gamble for money.

Lauren Lassiter

Jaida tells her that she is still pretty raw, but if she keeps playing well, then she may be considered for next year's draft. Gary Canning enters Levi's hotel room, believing that his daughter is in there, scaring him.

During a food break, Sonya licks her fingers and ingests the pesticide.

She was initially contracted for two years and the show marks her first major acting role. Paul is forced to make an apology".

David Lassiter

The 34th season of Neighbours began airing from 8 January Tanya Braunovic [43]. Jessica Hackett [71]. Wendy Hanna 1 October I think it's gold. She does not overhear Poppy insulting her. When Karl refuses to throw his sister out, Jemima realises she can trust him and reveals that she is a multi-millionaire. They are later found by Mark and Karl. Upon leaving the building he gets a call from his sister Margo , who tells him that his brother Sal has been killed and that he needs to come home.

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Detective Hall Tucker. Elizabeth Packett 16 August Nance invites Susan Kennedy Jackie Woodburne to join her.

Family Sisters Vera Punt. Jeremy says he has an address, but he will only give it to Gary if he holds onto some money for him. Travis goes on a blind date with Mishti Sharma. She later catches Terese with her phone, but Terese tells her that she was just putting it back, after it fell out of her bag.