ZEV Technologies Recoil Spring Blue Glock 17, 34 for Light & Standard Loads 12 lb

For leaders, we used our own Yellowstone Angler hand-tied foot 4x leaders that use a two-foot tippet. For guides, there is a hook keeper just above the handle, and then one SiC stripping guide followed by hard chrome snake guides. Although the overall weight was an amazingly light 2. DOT-Regulated product quantities and restrictions may limit available ground shipping methods.

ZEV Technologies Recoil Spring Blue Glock 17 34 - MPN: SPR-REC

Our deflection charts have been very popular in past Shootouts, so we are giving you more this year. Just keep in mind that all these measurements must be made the same day with the same room temperature. New Products. Pesca Muerta. Strike Indicator Company. The color of the blank is a natural graphite gray, and only lightly sanded so you can still see the tape marks, much like the Scott rods. The guides start with one SiC stripping guide followed with very large diameter hard chrome snake guides.

I could hit this distance easily enough, but I had much better feel and accuracy with the faster, lighter rods. The salt is a world of extremes, encompassing the whole spectrum of fly rod challenges in one beautiful but harsh and unrelenting theatre; its inhabitants display all the traits of their home from the paranoid nervousness of the bonefish to the thug-like, raw power of the GT.

The components are not in the same class as the Helios 3F, but that is to be expected considering the price. Then we progressed to the mid-priced rods and finally the least expensive rods.

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Swing Weight — 20 points available You are familiar this term if you play golf. The rods rated 9. So if you like what we are doing, the best way to thank us is to buy a rod, reel, or outfit from the Yellowstone Angler. The wraps are also black, nicely trimmed in light gray on the butt sections. Product Questions. Intermediate - Expert learn more. The best rods certainly need to handle this distance easily, but most anglers are buying a 4-weight rod for fishing at closer distances, which puts the emphasis on 25 to 40 foot casts.

Featuring a refined taper so that polyleaders can also be added with no reduction in performance. Also, by having rods set up, testers can simultaneously do the casting. Surprisingly, this is often true. We have found that the Asquith rods are terrific rods in the heavier line sizes - from 6-weight right up through weight.

The guides start with a hook keeper, and then one huge stripping guide that looks way too big, followed with thin wire hard chrome snake guides.


The lower 7 inches of the butt, including the logo is also finished in a dark blue. Feels equal to the Avantt and Recon at mid distances. Trout Feels great out long! Same day or next day shipping if they have the parts in stock, if not, usually takes 2 weeks.

The best rods are not always the most expensive ones. The cork handle is a half wells western style grip, with a contrasting darker composite cork at the bottom end, over the flare for the reel seat. A flare on the bottom end of the grip accommodates the uplocking seat. This rod has a medium fast action with tons of power in the butt and mid-section, which allowed it to perform pretty well at the longest distance.

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The nice soft tip allows me to cast off the tip of the rod with a flick of my wrist. The guides start out with a small hook keeper, then a single SiC stripper, followed with black, hard chrome single-foot guides.

Trophy Brown Trout hugging the structure tight to a distant river bank, Rainbows smashing fry on the ripple line in a vast mountain lake, Sea Trout crashing in the void of the darkest summer nights. This rod is nice and light in hand, and performed well in close, where I was getting pretty good feel and decent accuracy.