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Different forms of energy include kinetic, potential, thermal, gravitational, sound, light, elastic, and electromagnetic energy.

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The conversion factors below are intended to allow quick conversions between common units of energy. Got ideas how to make it better? Please try another ZIP code. Why am I being charged more for propane than the price on EIA's website?

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In the resulting list, you will be sure also to find the conversion you originally sought. See how you power the economy in this infographic. Try searching for the unit name. Use the buttons on the top to share. MyAccount Login. How much shale gas is produced in the United States? Try it. Get a natural gas and electricity procurement strategy customized to your unique needs.

MMBTU - Million BTU. Conversion Chart / Energy Converter, British And American

For this form of presentation, the number will be segmented into an exponent, here 26, and the actual number, here 4. The conversions on this site will not be accurate enough for all applications. On This Page: One cubic foot of natural gas produces approximately1, BTUs, so1, cu. We launched the first version of our online units converter in The units of measure combined in this way naturally have to fit together and make sense in the combination in question.

About the Author. Please attribute www. How to Convert Cubic Feet to Therms. Before using any of the provided tools or data you must check with a competent authority to validate its correctness. We appreciate it! Ask an energy expert.

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Thanks for the invitation Mr. Then multiply the result by 2 - for example: For the above example, it would then look like this: We provide conversion for a typical energy value. Unfortunately, we don't currently service this area.

A year later the technology allowed us to create an instant units conversion service that became the prototype of what you see now. Average annual and monthly heat content of natural gas consumed by state Newly released heat content data allow for state-to-state natural gas comparisons Natural gas conversion calculator Last updated: Read More.

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