16 Really weird food habits, according to Reddit

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Originally posted by DeniseV You can use another if it's available or if you're not able to use the expected one, but heck, carry that theory to an extreme and you can eat most anything with just a knife and your hands. When first learning to use chopsticks before going to study in China years ago, I was told by Chinese and Hong Kong friends that one can generally tell a beginning chopstick user by the way they hold the chopsticks much lower down, sometimes almost near the tips.

Thread Tools. With big hands holding the chopsticks with the two fingers on the top stick - bottom stick on the ring finger - it is rather awkward and uncomfortable. Does anyone know if they have Western restaurants in China where you can watch local people mishandle knives and forks like we do chopsticks? Fern Forest. Find all posts by SwimmingRiddles.

Use your Facebook account to login or register with JapanToday. Sep Location: I'll bet you think Japanese would be easier to read if they would drop kanji and use romaji, too! Jun Location: I'm a klutz and it's stressful trying to look "hip" when you're dropping food all over the place.

It’s never too late to change bad chopsticks-holding habits

Good thinking, kids. Some of us always take our Oreos apart before we eat them; others eat the croutons out of their salad first or save them for last. Find all posts by hawthorne.

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It’s never too late to change bad chopsticks-holding habits - Japan Today

Fork wins this battle, and I have to agree. I am a great fan of the Japanese people and would never try to insult them. I also appreciate a blunt wooden utensil in my mouth as opposed to a multi-pointed metal one, in case I happen to get the timing wrong and bite down on it.

Find all posts by Clever Hans. Hiking Shodoshima GaijinPot Travel. Page 1 of 2. Although chopstick etiquette is not as formal as it once was in Japan, there are still certain manners that are best to follow. Are disposable chopsticks or disposable forks a better item to have in the craft box for when the creative urge hits the kiddos?

How to Use Chopsticks

Using chopsticks incorrectly can make it more difficult to bring food to your mouth, and it just looks bad too. Jul Posts: A smaller spoon containing ice-cream should not be dipped into and out of the mouth until the ice-cream is consumed. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

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