You hope and feel it will go somewhere, but in its hour and a half running time, it feels so empty. Ana joins Cenk for SCS. USA Today.

What the Flick?! Podcast 10/11/18

And say hi to your dad from us. After conspiracy theories about the Clintons working in cahoots with Trump to run for president to sabotage the GOP surfaced and receded, it has been reported that Bill Clinton and Trump spoke about him running. Now if only I can get to see Roma on that big screen. Fri, 21 August The Young Turks - 8. Trank's only other credit was the "found footage" superhero film 'Chronicle' which had its good moments, but supposedly Trank is very difficult to work with, which is why he was booted off the upcoming 'Star Wars' film.

During the peaceful rally of the Ferguson PD killing of Michael Brown, violence broke out between an armed man and the police, resulting in serious injury.

Fantastic Four review: 'the gloom is infectious'

Jordan and Miles Teller just seem like they have no soul throughout the entire movie. Later these teen orphans battle against their friend after he becomes an emo who wants to blow up the earth. All in all it's a very disappointing film where the serious tone is perhaps a bigger enemy to the film than Doctor Doom. Say what you may about Tim Story's earlier cinematic adaptations, but as generic and middling as they were, they were at the very least entertaining.

The Thing was entirely CGI in a bad way. I was and am super sad since it was canceled. Larchmont Grill" Tweet — via Twitter. On a personal note, when I was growing up, I was frequently the butt of cruel pranks and rumors at the hands of a particular group of mean girls from elementary through high school. I would like to start by saying no. The sequel however the only good thing I could say for it at the time was Laurence Fishburne.

MoviePass Hires Ex-Rotten Tomatoes Editor as Moviefone General Manager

Film critic. Network and the Linoleum Knife podcast. What new projects do you have coming up? Overall i think the movie has too many problems to count such as bad pacing, no structure, and awful effects to even be close to recommending.


Trump tweeted aggressively at Megyn Kelly and Luntz over their coverage. I took my phone out halfway through the movie and began surfing the internet, something I absolutely loath to see people do during movies and have never done myself, until this movie. Home What the Flick?! I had some hope for this film and one of the main reason was down to the fact that Josh Trank was sat in the director's chair.