National Radio Day (August 20)

What's Hot: JCCT Agency: World Radio Day is a global event that is marked on the 13th of February every year. Subscribe to notifications. Find out more here. Used local case studies sourced and supplied by Beating Bowel Cancer.

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This included both transmission and reception methods as well as technology. Catch up online by listening to their brave testimonies below: Men over 40 — getting tested for prostate cancer is so much easier than you think. The workshop is free for all girls and their caregivers. So show your love for radio this National Radio Day by tagging your favorite iHeartRadio station or personality on social media and be sure to use the hashtags iHeartRadio and NationalRadioDay to say thanks!

The CRB has made two recent decisions that involve noncommercial educational webcasters, and separately, Do you perhaps have more information pertaining to this story? Up Front Policy Priorities for Upcoming events show that the campus radio culture thrives. It is an annual campaign to raise awareness of the Fairtrade Foundation and the importance of choosing Fairtrade.

Used local Clinical Commissioning figures to localise the story for local radio stations. Music lovers everywhere: Like us on Facebook. When must candidates get permission to use music, and who must they ask? Fairtrade Fortnight Radio Day Date: And you can participate too by visiting www.

NATIONAL RADIO DAY - August 20, National Today

GWR 60th Anniversary. Solution Worked with the client to establish the right news hook. It is also a day to celebrate radio as a medium of communication , to improve international cooperation among broadcasters and to encourage major networks and community radio alike to promote access to information and freedom of expression.

Despite efforts, licensing station headache persists. Results More than 1. Remember to visit our Facebook , Twitter and Instagram pages to let your voice be heard!

Adrian https: Publications Online bookshop, documents, publications, library and archives. We joined forces with UK local and national radio stations. Low Power FM. Your browser is out-of-date! Tuesday Life Hack: Results We secured a potential weekly reach of over 20 million people Interviews on over 45 quality radio stations across the UK Including 2 national shows and Sky News Radio which goes out to over commercial stations.

This day is celebrated to raise awareness of the importance of radio and how it positively impacts on millions of lives every day. Download free guide now.