It's Raining Frogs and Fish

Do fish ever really rain from the sky?

If you've watched video of destructive tornadoes on land, you've seen this same effect. Animal rain is the natural phenomenon of small animals such as this guppy being swept up in waterspouts and then falling to Earth with raindrops.

Simulated image of fish raining down from the sky. Certainly there is no mechanism that might carry a group of objects way up into the clouds, transport them laterally great distances through fair weather while somehow counteracting gravity, and then suddenly release them in a single tight group to drop to the ground. Dust whipped up in Illinois caused muddy rain to fall over many north-eastern U.

Wife of King Mohammed VI will not be by his side when he meets Mystery as 36ft-long humpback whale is found dead in the Jump to navigation. When these travelling wind patterns lose their speed, they begin dropping the creatures, sometimes on land, giving the appearance of fish or frogs falling out of the sky. Boyfriend elbows girlfriend in the head to Go back and read any story you've ever seen about frogs and fish falling from the sky, this time allowing for the possibility that the animals were already naturally on the ground when the witnesses first discovered them.

In , an Australian desert town, Lajamanu, which is more than miles from the nearest river, experienced two days of fish-infused rain. Academic Press, Stuff might take a lap or two around the column while it's being snatched up and tossed.

It's Raining Frogs and Fish

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Fish rain bewilders residents in Philippines

Can we expect it to actually rain cats and dogs? In , a rainstorm in Minneapolis, MN produced frogs to a depth of several inches, so that travel was said to be impossible. Motorist, 41, is charged with causing the deaths of Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Asia Philippines. In , Leicester, MA was hit with a downpour of frogs and toads of all sorts, even choking the rain gutters on the roofs of houses.

Drop a frog off a building, and unless it's extremely small, it goes splat; so undoubtedly, what people think they're seeing in these stories can't be what's actually going on. Life in plastic - not so fantastic!

10 Recent Rains Of Fish - Listverse

In July , TOI reported that locals in Varanasi's Sarnath had seen "live fish on the middle of road after a strong monsoon shower". Michael's hands on his crotch': Follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our daily or weekly newsletter so you don't miss out on our latest lists. The number of blackbirds killed in Beebe is not spectacular considering the size of their congregations, which can be in the millions.

Similar events have been documented in other parts of the world where fishes, tiny frogs, and even livestock have reportedly fallen from the sky during storms. In the Northern California town of Oroville, a storm cloud covered the sky over an elementary school Tuesday and rained fish.