Consumer Reports Study Backs Dr. Oz’s Claim About Arsenic in Apple Juice

Follow your labels: American apple juice is a product of China -

No stars. So true. Doughty November 29, Just yesterday I came across this article about honey http: Share this: The store near her apartment is huge and honestly, I treat going there as a cross between a field trip and a shopping triathlon. Alicia September 14, Typically, you will either find it stamped in an obscure location on the bottle in small type or included on the ingredients label.

Chinese Apple Juice Imports Causing Concern - Redorbit

Carol Freysinger, executive director of the Washington, D. Pathogens can be spread in a number of ways, such as contamination where the fruit is grown, being carried in contaminated containers, or due to poor handling and washing. Briana J. Kimberly Rawlings, a spokeswoman for the U.

We are excited to announce that FibromyalgiaTreating. After checking for sugar content I noticed stamped on the body of the bottle that the apples used in the juices making were from China. I like food, but I want wholesome food, and esp.

China Imports in the Grocery Store: A Cause for Concern

A common cultivar used for apple juice is the McIntosh. Email Subscription Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Colleen27 , Aug 19, September 14, Fresh apple juice requires refrigeration.

If they are bad in the US, where there are at least some checks and balances, I would hate to think how bad they are coming from China, the land where nothing is inspected. Virtually all apple juice comes from China. August 5, at 4: Advertisements We drink a lot of apple juice. Carlos July 13, Heavens knows what we will find arsenic in. Neil Vineberg, who runs a public relations firm in West Hampton, N.

Furthermore, these raw materials undergo ongoing inspection, analysis, evaluation and certification.

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While we would like to purchase all our ingredients domestically, oftentimes a combination of supply and cost leaves us with no option but to look elsewhere. Flamenco Goldspur Wijcik McIntosh. McCains has a long-standing relationship with its suppliers in other countries and has rigorous safety programs and monitoring systems, including representatives of the company in those countries who participate in differing levels of review, including regulatory inspections. September 15, We appreciate consumer feedback and welcome the opportunity to address any questions or comments.

Just because it comes form China doesn't mean it is "bad". Aug 11, Messages: The juice is most often shipped to the U.