German general defends deadly Afghan strike

US general killed, German general wounded in Afghan att

War in Afghanistan —present. It appears to be a result of suicide. That would give the military another full "fighting season" to attack Taliban strongholds and target insurgent leaders. Town and Country.

German general injured in Afghanistan attack

Afghanistan troop numbers data: When German troops tried to recover the damaged vehicle two hours later, they were attacked with another IED blast, small arms fire and RPGs. During a foot march, a German patrol was pelted with stones.

The Representative has a leading role in advising the Afghan authorities on the Enduring Partnership.

President Karzai announces the launch of the fifth and final tranche of transition. Hamid Karzai wins the presidential elections with 50 per cent of the vote. Related Content.

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Police training in Afghanistan dpa. News Datablog. We have visualised the countries where the troops make up the largest part of the action in Afghanistan:. Due to a technical fault in a Marder infantry fighting vehicle three German soldiers were injured, one of them severely.

NATO and Afghanistan

All rights reserved. Who does the author have in ind to play Moltke's part? One German soldier was injured and one Enok patrol vehicle was damaged. Religious differences between Roman Catholics and various Protestant denominations added another layer of complexity to the shifting and often violent politics of pre-unification Germany, much as the Sunni-Shia conflict has affected Afghanistan.

Jessica Bezuidenhout. An Eagle IV armoured vehicle turned over while on a nightly patrol. An attack with an improvised explosive device killed one German soldier and wounded three others.

Want to Fix the Afghan Army? Take a Lesson From Some Dead Germans. Small Wars Journal

They found each other ten years later on Facebook. At the Summit, Allies decided to strengthen and enhance the Partnership, within and alongside RSM, through political dialogue and practical cooperation.

Corruption, tribalism, and nepotism are rife within the leadership of the ANA and many of its aging generals seem mired in the Soviet doctrine that they were taught as young officers. In addition to German soldiers , German police officers are also involved in missions overseas. Five beautiful places you probably haven't thought of visiting.