Top 10 Albums of the 2000's

David Bowie - Heathen 2. And a lot of it is down to Rick, bless him. Retrieved from " https: Darkauron and glenwo2 like this. I'm really looking forward to a full length album from these guys.

Interview With The Shades

I also loved: Rammstein were announced as Sunday headliners on 21 October Zack Island. There is birth, death, and the present in all of these songs, sometimes all in one, as in, "Here I Come. It was released on 28 September and served as a tribute to their late bassist Paul Gray. I couldn't have said that an hour ago! Between 4—6 November, all three main stage headliners were confirmed, along with all the sub-headliners.

Nubmer6 , Sep 18, The Black Keys , Brothers Another ridiculously good record from two guys who do more on one album than most bands do in a career. Jan 3, He was last seen with a gouged neck and threatening scratches, it is believed that he had a showdown with a coyote.

However, this didn't happen, and in fact Ed Force One flew into East Midlands airport from the opposite direction.

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Power play. Metallica for Download ! After many weeks of discussion surrounding the identities of two secret bands playing over the weekend, Young Guns and The Darkness were confirmed on 8 June. The festival featured massive technological surveillance by police in conjunction with festival organizers Live Nation UK.

Early bird tickets went on sale 15 June , where a newly implemented deposit scheme was introduced; which allowed customers to pay for their ticket s over three payments rather than one. The Shades are planning on releasing a record this summer.

The crowd was very mature: I had dinner with a friend who is in her 70s. But the music is highly rewarding, it seems. If you could choose anyone to cover a Buffalo Tom song, who would it be and what song would you give them? All of our friends come and get completely drunk and tell us like, "You shouldn't play this song, you should totally play that song, this one sucks, don't wear that shirt, your hair looks stupid, etc.

Retrieved 30 January Marissa Paternoster's commanding vocals and charred guitar elocutions are bruising. Oh, I think not to do that is dangerous! Judas Priest. They hardly knew any of the old tunes. The Dog invited the entire roster to do a show at Download but excluded the current Progress Champion Jimmy Havoc.

The green rooms were far removed from the clamor of stage set up and detailed itineraries provided not only set times and sound check times but point people to contact should we need anything.

Underworld, more than many other bands, really do write, reexamine, and explore new work constantly on stage. This page has been archived and is no longer updated. There were so many suggestions of tracks related to the Thin White Duke that we could have gone on forever, but managed to squeeze it down to just minutes of Bowie.