Running Away: You're Not Alone

Never hitchhike because you don't know them and it's really risky. Decide what happens when you run out of food.

Running away

X close. If the school makes you wait, call Kids Legal. Although most states won't punish minors someone under the age of 18 for running away from home, several states consider it illegal. It can help you hide your identity and sort of make you look like a different person.

Running Away: You're Not Alone - Kids Legal

Think of what you will do if any part of your plan goes wrong, and make up excuses for everything. For example, you may want to call in to school sick and leave on your way, or you might consider leaving right after everyone is in bed.

Youth Runaways In other languages: Tips Only run away if you have no other alternative. They see themselves in you, and they want a better future for you than they want for themselves.

Being homeless can be extremely scary and dangerous. Take all food you find but make sure it is good to eat and all food offered to you, and be sure to eat it before it goes bad, even if you aren't hungry. A Anonymous Aug 14, It will be also hard to find a place to stay.

Things at your friend's house may calm down during that time. Dress like you are going to school or an informal church event, not like you are going to a party.

Be careful if you hide out at another person's home because your hosts can be charged with harboring a runaway. Bring a wallet but don't keep your money in the wallet. A shelter is there to try to keep you safe Normally, a shelter must try to contact your parents within 3 hours of when you show up to spend the night. If you are running away, be sure to leave a note for a family member so they know that you ran away, and will be safe.

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We might want to spend time with family or other loved ones. Feeling sad. Some of the items above could be signs of other problems, such as depression.

I am too lazy to plan an escape; stay home, stay safe. You can be a great friend to someone who is thinking about running away. Don't add any new friends on your old account. N Nate Jan There's usually strength in numbers.