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Erroneously Collected Taxes. New Mexico's annual tax-free shopping weekend means you won't need to pay taxes on clothing, shoes, computers, computer equipment or school supplies up to a certain dollar amount. Confirm Password. It eliminates the 6. Liz Malm. Some retailers are honoring their discounts for at least part of the sales tax holiday. Show Prices.

Sales tax holidays introduce unjustifiable government distortions into the economy without providing any significant boost to the economy. Narrowing the tax base, by contrast, is likely to lead to higher and more damaging taxes elsewhere.

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A broadened sales tax base accompanied by a reduction in the sales tax rate will achieve desired revenue collection levels without these costs. Feb 22, Florida alternated between having a holiday, not having one, and now having one again.

Test your knowledge Are you a smart shopper? States that are having tax-free weekend later are Connecticut Aug. A special order purchase made before the sales tax holiday that is not paid for in full will qualify for the holiday if the retail customer pays the entire remaining balance due during the sales tax holiday weekend.

Robert DeLeo and all of the members of the State Senate and House of Representatives for their support of the holiday and the Massachusetts retail community! About Us Help Center. They earn the same profit with or without sales tax.

Click the link to see the list of cities and counties that are participating in Alabama's tax-free weekend. She usually waits until the holiday so she can save money, she said.

Hover over each orange state to see the current sales tax rates and all the sales tax holidays. But experience shows that the claims of economic stimulus, increased revenue, and consumer savings are greatly exaggerated.

New Mexico August , Meanwhile, Massachusetts h as just decided to have a tax-free weekend this month August Depending on the state you live in and how high taxes are, you could save anywhere from 4 to 9 percent on your purchases. Sign In. While the economic costs of these distortions may be difficult to measure, they are real and economically damaging.

Despite their political popularity, sales tax holidays are based on poor tax policy and distract policymakers and taxpayers from real, permanent, and economically beneficial tax reform. Most states will only exempt taxes for certain types of items, including school supplies, clothing, computers, and books worth up to a few hundred or even thousand dollars. Principles of Sales Taxation Sales taxes are a type of consumption tax, or a tax on spending on goods and services purchased by the end user.

Over the last year or so, thre have been a considerable amount of shopping inquiries on this forum, many from posters arrivng from countries other than the U.

For those persons and everyone else, this upcoming weekend the Commonwealth of Massaachusetts is temporarily rescinding sales tax on purchases.

Other states would be wise to follow D.