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illiterate (adjective) American English definition and synonyms Macmillan Dictionary

History of the Moravian Church J. Resolutions" PDF. A moron with the approximate education of a fly at best. Not conforming to prescribed standards of speech or writing. Blog On the edge of my seat: See the observations below. Even most of the poor today have cell phones and internet. Robert Lane Greene on Language Sticklers. Chingy ,that crappy lil pop rapper who can't spell!

On the edge of my seat: An Autobiography. Alphabetic principle Phonics Whole language. This correspondence suggests that the capacity of schools to ensure students attain the functional literacy required to comprehend the basic texts and documents associated with competent citizenship contributes to a society's level of civic literacy.

Retrieved 23 February How can those at lower levels compete in a world that demands increasing literacy skills? As a noun meaning "illiterate person" from s. Oxford Andrew Lang.

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We have 3 million adult illiterates in this country, which is a fairly sombre commentary on the system as a whole. Example Sentences forilliterate Look at the comparative returns of the illiterate electorate. See what Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, and company think about being unattractive, unathletic, illiterate voyeurs. My New Curate P. Violating prescribed standards of speech or writing. An illiterate person; one unable to read or to write.

Thank you for joining our mailing list! A surprising percentage of the population is illiterate. Also see: Slow reading Speed reading Subvocalization.

You can help someone overcome illiteracy by reading together, or even by sharing your knowledge of vocabulary.